Front Door – Welcome to my Home-on-the-web

My Process

Bed sheets are dipped in a seawater pre-mordant before being wrapped around tree trunks

Welcome to my home-on-the-web. Here is where I share my artworks and their stories, where they travel to, and where they can be seen. Please excuse the mess. I am in the process of moving into my web home.

To see more about what inspires me, my current projects in progress, upcoming exhibition details and the vibrant art community I work within, visit my blog, Facebook pages, and Etsy shop.

Blog Lesley Turner My blog is a journal of my activities, interests, artistic process, and works in progress

Facebook Lesley Turner Art My Facebook is where I share with my artistic community, family, and friends

Etsy Ravenmade Works My Etsy Shop is where I sell small home decor items made from refreshed vintage textiles