A Strange Thing Happened Last Week

…while visiting in Vancouver. I came across this sculpture while walking along the waterfront. I couldn’t find any information about what it was called or who the artist was so I snapped some images and thought I would Google it when I got home.

The morning after I returned home to Calgary, I opened up the morning paper to see a photo of the sculpture & the headline ‘A big win for Calgary’. “Residents near where the sculpture ‘Device to Root Out Evil’ was located complained it blocked the view” so Vancouver is getting rid of it and the Glenbow Museum in Calgary has snapped it up even though they don’t know where to put it yet.
Dennis Oppenheim is the artist of this controversial work that has been bumped from one place to the next since 1997. I’ll post some images of the upside down church when it comes to rest in its new home here in Calgary.
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  1. arlee

    That is bizarre—-i lived in Vancouver since 81 and never heard or saw this one! Now that i’m in Calgary, i get to see it? How very odd :}


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