After My Banff Residency

People have been asking me about my month-long residency experience. When they are looking for the short version tell them about the thrill of having my bed made every day, my room cleaned and tidied every day and my breakfast & lunch prepared for me with no cleaning up for me afterwards. It was bliss. My mind was free to focus on my work – you would think.
The longer version of the experience is all about how much I grew as an artist, how our group, Articulation, matured, and how much stimulus there was all the time all around the campus.

But, now I have been shot out of that time warp and I am in catch-up mode here in my studio.

The above image was taken at the Calgary airport when I took Ingrid to catch her plane back to Winnipeg. It is the luggage of Calgary’s ice hockey team, the Flames. They obviously have an away game. The regular season has finished and the Flames made it to the playoffs. Calgary gets very excited when this happens. The first playoff game is Thursday “Go Flames Go” There are avid Flames fans in my household.

‘A Soup of Chefs’ or is it ‘A Stew of Chefs’
I love the symmetry in this shot taken on the campus of SAIT, Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, well
known for the quality of training the Culinary Arts students receive.
I often see great moments like this when walking through the campus to shop at Calorie Counter, where the students sell the meals & meat they have prepared in class that morning. I also shop at their book store, stop in their numerous coffee shops and attend events. It is a great place to visit.

This is a work I successfully bid on during the ACAD Miniature Silent Auction. It was hand stitched in varying weights of black thread by Nauma Reigo (I hope I have her name right). I love watching people’s reactions to the fur she strategically placed on the work, very provocative.

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