Alberta College of Art + Design

On the last day of our residency in The Banff Centre, we all drove back to Calgary in the morning. Ingrid & ReBecca weren’t flying home until the next day so once we had unpacked the cars, we walked over to the Alberta College of Art + Design campus. Fortunately we caught the Fibre Department’s Fibre Fort-Night Exhibition. There we ran into Annamaria Zutko who is a final year fibre student. She had set up a loom for a community weaving project she had initiated. ReBecca, above, is an experienced weaver so she had no difficulty in adding to the cloth. Donna & I had never woven before so Annamaria had to give us a lesson before we could produce anything.

As we left the campus we went via the graffiti stairwell. This is the sign on the door before one enters ‘The Stairwell’.

And this is what it looks like. It is a fascinating trip down the stairs.

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