Art at the Whyte

Lesley Turner ‘Valuing Women’s Work’ 81″ x 62″, composted, hand stitching; cotton
An afternoon tea cloth was left under a maple tree during fall to be incorporated into the decay cycle. After many hours of washing, ironing and stitching the work goes largely unnoticed as the restored cloth is sacrificed again to protect furniture while the hostess serves tea to her guests. This installation is a metaphor for much of women’s work not accounted for in our national accounts system.

Mary Shaffer’s jacket…

…was the inspiration for a number of works placed around it.

Likewise, Catherine Whyte’s engagement dress, shoes and portrait  inspired Ingrid Lincoln’s panel. The artist statement reads: ‘This is a homage to Catherine Whyte. A strong personality in a soft guise.’

The curators Michale Lang and Mary-Beth Laviolette did a very good job pairing and arranging artifacts from the Whyte collection with Articulation’s art works.
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3 thoughts on “Art at the Whyte

  1. Yvonne

    Lesley, I love your installation and the concept behind it. Congratulations! And what a treat to see Mary Shaaffer's jacket – I fell in love with her story many years ago when I bought a book about her journey.


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