Art Deco in Victoria

In 1936, Tweedsmuir Mansions, with 12 apartments, was built on 900 Boulevard Street in Victoria, BC. Today it is a well preserved example of the Art Deco style of architecture. Apart from the yucky textured plaster on the outside many of its typically Art Deco features have been kept.
The whole building is stepped horizontally and vertically.
Concentric half circles were typical. The contemporary sun burst door mat is in keeping with the style.
The 3 lines on the door, both vertical and horizontal, was a popular motif in North America in the later part of the movement. They were known as speed lines or streamlining.
Inside the building there is a framed picture showing drawings of what the rooms looked like in the 30s. This is the living room with its classic Art Deco symmetrical, stepped fireplace.
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