Articulated Materials: Bridging Waters Exhibition by Articulation and Material Girls

The 1st showing in Canada of the Articulated Materials: Bridging Waters exhibition opens in a month, at the Cre8ery Gallery in Winnipeg.
The name of the exhibition explains how the it came about and also it’s content.
Articulated Materials – Articulation, a Canadian group of fibre artists teamed up with a similar group called Material Girls, based in London, UK, to produce separate bodies of work to be shown together.
Bridging Waters: Each group chose an iconic waterway in their respective country to research. Articulation chose the Bay of Fundy and Material Girls chose the River Thames.
The resulting bodies of work are both contemporary, personal responses to the water ways and they tell stories of the long history of human interaction with the physical environment.
The ‘bridging‘ part happens when Articulation’s work was sent to London and toured galleries over 2012, then was sent back to Canada with the Material Girls’ work for a 3-gallery tour across Canada over 2014.
The ‘bridging‘ also happens when the viewer makes connections between the two bodies of work.
Donna Clement designed the poster using an image of Ingrid Lincoln’s work.
Both are Articulation members.
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