Articulation Exhibition at Whyte Museum

Catherine Whyte

An exciting event that has come out of Articulation’s Women Rock project is an invitation to exhibit at the Whyte Museum in September 2011. Michale Lang, the Director and Chief Curator of the Whyte, saw some of our work while it was hanging in the Other Gallery in the Banff Centre last March. On the spot she booked us for an exhibition.

Eleanor Luxton

It will be Articulation’s first curated exhibition. Michale will select work to go with artifacts and archives from the Whyte collections. For the past 2 years Articulation members have been researching women and mountain culture in the Rockies, much of the work being inspired by what was found in the museum and their archives.

Georgina McDougall Luxton

A number of Articulation members have been inspired by particular women who have lived in the Banff area over the years. These are images of some of the ‘Luxton Ladies’. While other members are working with the concept of women and mountain culture and issues that are relevant today.

Annie McKenzie McDougall

It is an exciting and unique project where planning has started in earnest. We are presently divvying up all of the jobs involved in making this project happen. I’ll keep you posted as things develop.

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  1. Judy Martin

    Warm and sincere congrautlations, Lesley and to all of Articulation.

    You must be very excited about the prospect of a curated show – and a little nervous I bet as well.

    At any rate, it is wonderful that you have been noticed by such an important institution. Well done.


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