Articulation’s Forest and Sea and the Place Between Artist Reception April 13th, 2019

Cedar Wind Drawing, detail
The Artist Reception for Articulation’s ‘Forest and Sea and the Place Between’ exhibition at Portals Gallery, Duncan is on Saturday 13th from 3 to 5 pm.
Artists Wendy Klotz, Ingrid Lincoln, and Lesley Turner will be in attendance to talk about their work and they look forward to answering questions about the exhibition.
Tree Wind Drawings
My contribution to the exhibition and the Salish Sea biosphere story is a triptych of 3 drawings done be 3 different trees found in the Pacific Northwest coastal maritime forest.
Big-leaf Maple

Douglas-fir and Western Red Cedar
 By getting the trees to draw on a fabric I explored the connection between the air and the earth in the Salish Seas’ biosphere.
I blogged about my process to make the first of these works here.
Understanding this place we call home is an ongoing area of interest for me and continues to be an area of focus in my work.

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