Articulation’s Salish Sea Biosphere Study Sessions

Jellyfish in the Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea.
Articulation has had 2 week-long study sessions exploring Vancouver Island’s coastal areas. The first was in 2007 and based in  Duncan while the second was ten years later in 2017 and based in both Sidney and Tofino. All areas are within the Salish Sea biosphere boundary which is the overarching concept tying this study together.

Sunset on Chesterman Beach.
The Salish Sea biosphere is a vast area of interconnected habitats where living organisms are found –  in the geosphere of soil and rock, the hydrosphere of lakes, rivers, and oceans, and in the weather systems in the atmosphere.
Articulation members walking the trails on the west coast – Wendy Klotz, Leann Clifford, Amanda Onchulenko, Donna Clement.
Researching in Vancouver Island’s Maritime Rainforests involved walking the trails, recording sensory experiences in a journal, taking photographs of both minute details and the soaring grandeur of ancient trees, and reading both fiction and nonfiction with forest settings.

Lunch break while looking out to the sea.
Articulation members experience the same visual stimuli and discuss what they find and see during the week together.

Leann Clifford ready to go look for whales.

Watching the sunset from the beach.

Donna Clement explores mud flats while the tide is in.

Leann Clifford and Ingrid Lincoln and jellyfish.
Shaw Centre for the Salish Sea is an ideal place to learn about local sea life.
Taking the ferry out to Sidney Spit. Amanda Onchulenko, Leann Clifford, Ingrid Lincoln, Donna Clement.
After a shared experience spent exploring an area and keeping the broad concept in mind, Articulation members go back to their individual studios to produce bodies of work that reflect their individual responses their experiences. It is always a treat when the resulting work is exhibited to see how each artist visually translates their particular area of interest.
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