Banff March 18

Last Sunday I took the afternoon off and went cross country skiing with Ron. The fresh air and vigorous exercise was mind clearing.
Today we are continuing our sessions with Martha Cole. This morning we learnt some strategies for coping with negative criticism of our work – great tools to have when putting your work out there.

Gloria is working on a large hand embroidered work. She is covering great expanses with french knots. One afternoon Ingrid offered to help out and make knots for her.

Donna planning her work.
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  1. chrissythreads

    Its really fascinating following your residency. You all seem to be getting so much from it and I would love to hear about some of these coping strategies as sometimes its like having your heart torn out when your ‘babies’ receive negative criticism. I must also to admit to be quite jealous of the opportunity you have to develop your work. How are you managing to fit in your degree stuff? – Kay has me working flat out on my module which is taking up every waking moment it seems. Are you concentrating on this work during the residency or are you mixing it in with other work? Also just to let you know I have sent my aggreement to JCS – second attempt as the first set went missing on route-Its just not my year!


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