Banff March 20

Yesterday morning, when we were in the dining room, we saw performance art. A person was standing with a bag over her head & a sign on her front, that read ‘Failed Artist’. Even though the room was a buzz with conversation about her there was no interaction with her and she was ignored.

This morning she was there again with a different sign, ‘Great Artist’. This time people shook her hand, danced with her & gave her a big hug. Most of the interaction was with non-artists, mainly people who work for a bank.
The artist, Flossie Peitsch, said she felt personally the different effects the 2 signs had on the way she felt.

We have just finished 4 intensive days with Martha Cole, which proved to be invaluable because of all we learnt about ourselves, our group and life as an artist.

Martha works on her own work for a change, on the last night when we watched a movie in our studio in the woods. We had popcorn to celebrate. This morning, after breakfast, Martha and Vickie left for Calgary and the airport so Martha can return to Saskatchewan.
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