Banff March 27

Last night was finally the night we got to hear the compositions by the 5 composers who have been living in The Centre for the past few weeks. And here we are patiently waiting an hour before the performance for the chance to get in. There was room for only 20 of the general public. And we made it.

Each composer wrote on the theme of Evolution to celebrate Charles Darwin’s 200th birthday. This image is of Vincent Ho’s score. He won viewer’s choice.

Andrew Staniland won the major prize and also the commission from an orchestra.
We all had a wonderful time. It was a most memorable experience. CBC will have the performance on their website for the next year so we will be able to relive the experience.

Today we hung some of the work we have produced this month while in Banff. We had our Open House in the afternoon and lots of people dropped by. Left- me, Gloria S Daly, Linda Mackay, Ingrid Lincoln, Donna Clement, Wendy Klotz, ReBecca Paterson.
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