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Current Exhibitions News

World of Threads Festival 2016 website

Queen Elizabeth Park Community Cultural Centre, Oakville, Ontario

October 29 – November 27, 2016

3 afternoon tea cloths protect the tree from deer eating the bark

Beginning of ‘Earth Repair.’ Three afternoon-tea cloths protect the tree from the deer eating its bark

Good news. My work ‘Earth Repair’ has been accepted into the World of Threads Festival Display Area Gallery. ‘Earth Repair’ is an ongoing project that has been a number of years in the making. This work began in the spring of 2011 when I wrapped three afternoon-tea cloths around the trunk of an Indian plum tree after hungry deer had eaten the bark. The cloths stayed there for a year and a half before I brought them inside for laundering and repair. Since then I have added layers to the cloth every year.




The ‘Edge of the Forest‘ exhibition website

This is a themed collection of works by Canadian Surface Design Association members has finished its country-wide tour in Pender Harbour, on the west coast. Works are being returned to their owners, the eleven that sold being sent to new owners. My entry, ‘Forest Reliquary’ is off to its new owners because it sold. I am delighted it has a new home.

Forest Reliquary, 28"h x 16"w, $870

Forest Reliquary, 28″h x 16″w, sold

Forest Reliquary

A reliquary is a container of holy relics or objects, with the purpose of display or protection. This forest reliquary displays the life cycle symbols of growth, decay, death, and regeneration, the subject of my current practice.

Materials: Vintage cotton table cloth, earth pigments, cotton thread, leaf skeletons, deer bones, maple tree samaras, fern spores

Techniques: Earth dyeing, spore printing, hand stitching (furrowing, whipped double running stitch, attachment).