Body of Work: ‘Regression’

48″w x 84″ h x 10″d. Materials: cotton, wool, silk, polyester, nylon, paper cord, wood. Techniques: strip-piecing, couching, hand and machine stitching, knitting. Photographer: Tony Bounsall, Tony’s website
‘Regression’ is the companion work of ‘Succession’, View “Succession” here
‘Regression’, detail. Photographer: Tony Bounsall
The removal of components such fallen leaves from under a tree or the disruption of natural process by clear felling a forest, puts the whole ecosystem in a state of unbalance. The complex web of interconnected elements and processes are no longer able to rejuvenate. The fabric of life begins to unravel just as it happens to knitting when a needle is pulled out.
I have used textiles and crafts associated with the home to link our actions in the home with our actions in the natural world, our shared home. To disrupt the natural world is pathological behaviour.

The Process
I used the same technique as for ‘Succession’.
The fabric covered cord was knit with large sonotube cardboard ‘needles’.

The Process
Couched strip-piecing wrapped around a cord.

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