Body of Work: ‘Succession’

96″h x 60″w x 36″d / 244 cm h x 152 cm w x 92 cm d. Materials: cotton, wool, polyester, nylon, wood. Techniques: strip piecing, couching, knitting. Photographer: Tony Bounsall.
Succession‘, detail. Photographer: Tony Bounsall.
The well-being of an ecosystem depends on an unbroken cycle of organic processes. This work is knit with a continuous length of yarn made from  textiles usually found in the home. The work can be viewed as a tree, a forest or a web of living organisms – human and botanical.

‘Succession’, detail. Photographer: Tony Bounsall.
The red is the dark forest floor and red blood cells. Complimentary green is the forest canopy and chlorophyll cells. The shape and structure of both types of cells are the same, which vividly illustrates our intimate human connection with the natural world. 

The Process
A length of cotton cord was covered with strip pieced and couched domestic textiles.

The Process
The ends of the covered cord were joined forming an unbroken circle.
Using large-sized cardboard ‘needles’, the ‘yarn’ was knit into a web-like fabric.
The fabric can be continually unraveled from the top with the resulting cord wound into a ball to feed the continual action of knitting from the bottom.

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