Bridging Waters: Inspiration

The inspiration for the forms I am making came from the Joggins Fossil Cliffs, a United Nations World Heritage Site.

William was our guide down to the site. He passionately explained how the huge surging tides of the Bay of Fundy were actively eroding the Joggins Cliffs to reveal more and more fossils. It must be so exciting to be a scientist going down to the beach under the cliffs when the tide is out, particularly after the high spring tides, to see what new fossils had been revealed.

William explained how the ancient trees were preserved when sediments were laid down.

The tree trunks can be seen preserved in the cliffs today.

William showed us fossil remnants of different trees and named them.

I was intrigued by the patterns made by the leaf scars on the tree trunks.

Samples of different tree trunks are displayed in the interpretative centre. 

I decided to interpret these patterns in fabric.

This is the Calamite’s distinctive pattern. It is the gigantic ancient ancestor of the Horse Tail or Scouring Rush found in forests today.
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