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Textile Treasures Exhibition – Mark Makers at Tulista Gallery, Sidney

The Mark Makers are exhibiting again! Here is a peek at what they have produced over the past couple of years. This is the view as one walks into the gallery – wearable art and 2D and 3D wet felt. To the right are the results of a challenge to produce interpretations of the Melford […]


Variegated Threads

Variegated Threads, a World of Threads Festival exhibition in the Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre, Oakville, featured an eclectic collection of fibre works. Barbara Rehus, Thanks, Ma.A mechanically animated installation that made me grin. This intensely stitched and buttoned work… …made Mikey of Mallory by Marie Bergstedt.



With this work i am exploring the relationship between hemoglobin and chlorophyll. Their molecules are the same except for the presence of iron or magnesium in their centres. I decided to show these centres with red and green buttons. My years of collecting buttons has paid off because I found enough buttons of the right colour and shape to […]