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Mi’kmaq Material Culture

I continued my research on the material culture of the Mi’kmaq.Inspired by the cover of this excellent book by Ruth Holmes Whitehead… …I worked an image of a bark house in cotton on evenweave canvas. After more reading… …I collected materials to represent the ones the Mi’kmaq used in their daily lives.Now what to do with […]


Articulation Work

I have been working on a series for the Articulated Materials: Bridging Waters exhibitions Articulation and Material Girls have organised. Each member of Articulation made and sent one work to the UK where it was exhibited with a body of work produced by a similar group, Material Girls, based around London. After a successful 3-gallery […]


‘Meadow’s’ Narrative

This work is another in a series where i have been using a technique developed by the co-founder and co-principal of the Opus School of Textile Arts, Julia Caprara. (Since Julia’s death the school is known as the Julia Caprara School of Textile Arts, of which I am a student).Julia published a series of articles […]