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Mi’kmaq Material Culture

I continued my research on the material culture of the Mi’kmaq.Inspired by the cover of this excellent book by Ruth Holmes Whitehead… …I worked an image of a bark house in cotton on evenweave canvas. After more reading… …I collected materials to represent the ones the Mi’kmaq used in their daily lives.Now what to do with […]


Fibre Collage at Abbozzo Gallery

This was a small, interesting exhibit where 6 artists collaged a wide range of materials in individually different ways. Allyn Cantor, Dusk Treeline, cotton canvas, linen, reclaimed textile. Natalie Bertin, Torment of the Heart, rabbit fur, leather, brass bullet casing, gold & silver pigment, bead texture medium, acrylic. Alice Vander Vennen, Pilgram, new & found […]