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Saints’ Relics in Quebec City

Articulation visited many cathedrals, churches and chapels while in Quebec City. Two were the most memorable for me. One was originally the Petit Seminaire of Quebec’s chapel but now a deconsecrated building and incorporated into the Musee De L’Amerique Francophone.My 1st reaction to the chapel was surprise when we discovered all the wood, marble and granite walls and ceilings are […]


Articulation Work

I have been working on a series for the Articulated Materials: Bridging Waters exhibitions Articulation and Material Girls have organised. Each member of Articulation made and sent one work to the UK where it was exhibited with a body of work produced by a similar group, Material Girls, based around London. After a successful 3-gallery […]


New Work for the Maltwood

This past week I have been working on a new work for Articulation’s up coming exhibition in the University of Victoria’s Maltwood Gallery. The ideas for this work have been developing for quite awhile, ever since Articulation did a study week on Vancouver Island in September 2007. All members are now in their studios focusing […]