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Surface Design Association Conference, Beyond the Surface, St Louis, Missouri

The Surface Design Association’s 2019 biennial conference, Beyond the Surface, was in St Louis, Missouri. It was held in conjunction with the Innovations in Textiles 2019 a three-month-long event held every four years. With 43 participating venues and a large number of other museums and other historic buildings in the St Louis area, SDA members attending […]


Etsy Shop – Ravenmade Works

I have an Etsy shop, Ravenmade Works Here is how I describe my shop. Refreshed Artworks for the Home The items in my shop are for people who want their home to be a living expression of themselves and a place where they are surrounded by things they love.  Used domestic linens, discarded embroideries, worn garments […]



While spring cleaning I gathered up all of the wool threads from pre-owned kits I had collected, having taken the fabric out for other projects. I also looked again at a collection of fulled knit fabric that has been waiting patiently for me. Donna Clement and I had dyed then knit then fulled bags of […]