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‘Earth Repair’ – 3 Years Later

2014 3 years 3 months after the emergency while living outside wrapped around the Indian plum I brought the 3 afternoon tea cloths inside.  They were carefully washed, dried and ironed. I was hoping the laundering had stopped the decay processes. There is much staining and decay and large holes had appeared. How to preserve this […]


Making Mola Pillows working at the Ironing and Cutting Centres

While making the mola pillows, I worked at 2 more centres in my studio. The Ironing Centre The ironing board has an extension to make it a rectangular shape better suited to ironing lengths of cloth. I have 2 irons a steam iron and a dry iron. The power outlets for the irons and the sewing […]


Studio Footwear and Laundry Centre

I received lots of comments and questions about my choice of Studio Footwear, as seen in this previous blog post.To answer you all, here are the details. Outside: (Left) Suede, Danish-style clog. Brand – ‘Simple’. The best feature is when I step in soft soil the heel print says ‘past’ while the toe part has […]