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VISDA Current Threads 2015: Garden Tapestry

I want to make another post about the Vancouver Island Surface Design Association’s current exhibition because every work is such an excellent example of  the many techniques fibre artist’s have to work with. The above detail is Linda Elias’s “Beet Harvest” where she used actual beets and leaves on a Gelli-plate to print on the […]


Dorothy Caldwell: Book Making – Putting it all Together

Dorothy showed us many other methods for making our mark on fabric and paper. She also showed us many examples of what others had done in the past and what contemporary artists are currently working on.   We were left to continue exploring the methods we liked. Then is was time to start thinking about how […]


Dorothy Caldwell’s Human Marks Workshop

“An individual stroke is an utterance of touch.” Dorothy Caldwell  Dorothy is demonstrating the next Stroke Painting exercise.  We taped various types of brushes onto long sticks. We dipped them into pots of different dilutions of black ink. With a large sheet of paper on the ground in front of each of us, we were […]