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Nyonya Wedding Dresses and Bridal Chambers In Pinang Peranakan Mansion, Penang, Malaysia

1900’s Marital bed Gold painted and lacquered wood with embroidered silk panels. Bridal Garments Later marital bed. Silk embroidered bridal over-garment. Marital Bed 1900’s to 1920’s Detail of gold work embroidery on silk satin trimmed with rabbit fur and silk fringe. Bridal Dress 1920’s Bridal Dress 1930’s to 1940’s Each of these rooms in the […]


Maple Tree Cloth Repairs

The Maple tree cloth’s Battenberg lace deteriorated and was not able to support it so it came inside for repairs. Safety pins held the lace together until I could do the repairs. I stitched a supporting grid but I anticipated the strengthened lace insert would next tear away from equally fragile woven cloth. It just needed to hang […]