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25,266 Female Convicts Transported to Australia

While in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia, recently one of the most moving experiences we experienced was visiting the place where female convicts and their nursing babies were transported to Australia from the British Isles from 1788 to 1853. The story of the Cascades Female Factory has only recently begun to be told. Above is an image […]


‘Earth Repair’ – 3 Years Later

2014 3 years 3 months after the emergency while living outside wrapped around the Indian plum I brought the 3 afternoon tea cloths inside.  They were carefully washed, dried and ironed. I was hoping the laundering had stopped the decay processes. There is much staining and decay and large holes had appeared. How to preserve this […]


Studio Footwear and Laundry Centre

I received lots of comments and questions about my choice of Studio Footwear, as seen in this previous blog post.To answer you all, here are the details. Outside: (Left) Suede, Danish-style clog. Brand – ‘Simple’. The best feature is when I step in soft soil the heel print says ‘past’ while the toe part has […]