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Working With Itten’s 7 Colour Contrasts

“Our sense organs can function only by means of comparisons. The eye accepts a line as long when a shorter line is presented for comparison. The same line is taken as short when the line compared with it is longer. Colour effects are similarly intensified or weakened by contrasts.” Itten The Elements of Color, p. 32 Itten’s 7 kinds […]


Pattern Design Course Progress

One of the morning exercises was to analyse different patterns and to find examples of different types of patterns to put in our Pattern Dictionaries. Elisha is working out how this pattern was made. Elisha working with a new stamp she carved. See below the resulting pattern. Charlotte’s new carved stamp produces a number of […]


Maria Shell – SDA Conference Exhibition, San Antonio

Another stunning exhibition at the SDA conference was a collection of Maria Shell’s quilts, at Gallery Nord. “Color Grids” Every quilt was made using the same quilt block. But Maria played with ‘line, shape, print, and color’ to produce a collection of technically exquisite and very different quilts. The quilts were installed in a 3-sided booth, […]