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Pollen Moon

April was ‘Pollen Moon’ because the Douglas-fir released great clouds of yellow-orange pollen from young bright-orange cones high in the trees. This image is of an old Douglas-fir cone. The Maple flowered and released pollen too.  The new Cedar branches become a bright red.  The Arbutus dropped more of its vivid yellow-green leaves and red bark.I stitched with more intense colours […]


Storm Moon Colour Studies

I called February’s new moon ‘Rain Moon’.March wind and rain storms were memorable so I called it ‘Storm Moon’.The trees had responded to longer and warmer days.Peeling Arbutus bark was drying and colours greyed. New Cedar growth had shifted to a yellow-green. There was less of a colour shift in the slower growing Douglas-fir. Maple buds […]


Maple Cloth Stitching Progress

I called the October new moon ‘Falling Leaf Moon’ and worked autumn leaf colours into the bed sheet.The hole was made after the stitching, while the cloth was on the tree.  During ‘Wet Moon’, I added colours of decaying leaves lying on the ground within the tree’s drip circle.The 3rd band, during ‘Frost Moon’ or ‘Long Night Moon’, I worked a […]