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Some more playing around with techniques in Tony Bounsall’s altered imagery class.What a refreshing and stimulating way and place to spend a week.I want to go back next year. These lovely images were taken while I wandered the Moss Street artist hang-out event here in Victoria. The man is a master artist from Japan on […]


MISSA Days 2 & 3

Day 2 at MISSA in Tony Bounsall’s Altered Imagery class was spent doing terrible things to photographs, beginning with soaking them in water to loosen up the emulsion. Then we scratched, sanded, scribbled, brushed, waxed, sprayed and bleached them.The above image is from day 3 when we were shown how to do gum bichromate printing. […]


Paper Makers in Jaipur

We spent a wonderful morning touring Kagzi Industries, paper makers in Jaipur. I was so interested to see the range of papers they made, particularly because I had previously purchased a large amount of their paper from Costco in Canada. Understanding how the paper was made makes it so much more interesting when I work […]