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Synesthesia #24 – Golden Yellow

Continuing the Synesthesia series.Collecting up #24 Golden Yellow fabrics and sorting by value. …and threads. An opportunity to use some of my many gold threads. But sparkly wasn’t right for how I feel about this colour.So my collection of sparkly gold threads will have to wait their time for another idea.


Hemoglobin: Chlorophyll – the process

The ground is a collection of domestic linens (pillow cases, bedsheets, table cloths, bed spread) I dyed in reds and greens then strip-pieced. The resulting fabric hung on my design wall for a long time while I tried to work out what to do next.The image of the finished work appeared one day.The next step was to get […]


Jane Kenyon @ SDA

In the same gallery as Clare, Jane Kenyon is exhibiting a collection of large machine embroidered works she calls ‘Transformation’. Jane Kenyon is another artist whose work makes the viewer dance as they move back and forward, changing perspectives from macro…  …to micro. These images don’t even begin to give the impression of the depth, complexity and flow of […]