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Articulation Study Session in Victoria – Day 3

Articulation members at work; Lesley Turner, Donna Clement, Ingrid Lincoln, Leann Clifford, in the inner harbour. The Empress Hotel is in the background. First appointment was a morning visit to the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria to see ‘Kimono: Japanese Culture in its Art Form’ with many magnificent kimonos revealing the complex codes and etiquette […]


Storm Watching

Last week Ron and I went over to the west coast to storm watch (and for our wedding anniversary).We saw several 1sts, including surfers riding waves while it was snowing.And we walked on a snow-covered beach for the 1st time. But over all the weather was mild At times it was sunny while it was snowing So […]


Fundy Study

I have started working on a new body of work It began with an Articulation study week, where we explored the Bay of Fundy.Here we are stopped for a roadside lunch I have decided to explore all things red because it struck me as the dominant colour whereever we went around the coastline.Fields of red-leafed low-bush blueberries. […]