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Teasels – a cloth worker’s tool.

This year’s teasel harvest I refreshed the teasels at the front door.  This is my shingle. elserine is a weaver.  During a Vancouver Island Surface Design Assoc meeting elserine demonstrated how the teasel was/is used to full woven or knit garments to make them soft. Gently stroking the cloth with a tied teasel bundle raises the nap. Commercially […]


Studio: Site Excavation

Two workers from Edibella Organic Landscapes constructed fences to protect the trees next to the construction site. Michael Cowan, owner of Edibella, was on site during the site excavation as the certified arborist, a requirement of the building permit.  Tom at work putting the topsoil in one pile and the lower horizons in another until he […]


My New Studio – Big News

The big and exciting news in my life is I am getting a studio built. So far it has taken many hours of planning, discussion and decision making. I developed my ideas to the concept stage, incorporating the studio into my back yard project. We have been working with architect Jonathan Aitken Aitken Design who has ably […]