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Things Textiley in Greece: Fibres and Fabrics – Old and New

Goats on the road, every afternoon – milking time.  The huge variety of goat cheeses and other dairy products was a gourmet’s delight while travelling around Greece. Each village seems to have its own bacterial cultures producing distinctively different cheeses. It was the same with the many different fermented drinks. The fermented honey mead drink […]


‘Know Your Place – Ideas In Art Form’ Exhibition at Tulista Gallery, Sidney, Vancouver Island

Sherley Gordon Edey has invited 7 other artists working in different media to exhibit their work with her photography while exploring the many layers of meaning in the statement ‘Know Your Place’ Sherley presents her work in a wide variety of formats, including video and keeps the viewer looking for the story. Often several different stories […]


Sidney-by-the Sea: Art Happenings

Sidney-by-the-Sea is normally a busy place but over these next 2 weeks it will really be hopping with arts activities organised by the Community Arts Council of the Saanich Peninsula (CACSP). ArtSea Festival – Many Sidney shops are hosting 55 artists and their work. Here to see more details.  Sidney Fine Arts Show – It is […]