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James Bond Hotel Amalia Delphi by Nikos Valsamkis

When the family checked into the Amalia Delphi Hotel in Delphi here, while touring Greece early this year, the 20-somethings commented we had walked into a James Bond hotel.  Built in 1964 in the mid-century modern style the owners have recently renovated staying true to the architect’s design so it did indeed look like a James Bond […]


Things Textiley in Greece: Peloponnese Peninsula Traditional Costumes

Vocha, Corinthia, Greece, early 20th century Layers of wool and cotton heavily embroidered. Silver ornament. Belesi, Argolid, Greece, early 20th century The heavily embroidered red vest is all the more eye-catching when worn with the white over-vest. The many different types of embroidery reflect the many outside influences over Greece’s long history. Turkish influences in […]


‘Know Your Place – Ideas In Art Form’ Exhibition at Tulista Gallery, Sidney, Vancouver Island

Sherley Gordon Edey has invited 7 other artists working in different media to exhibit their work with her photography while exploring the many layers of meaning in the statement ‘Know Your Place’ Sherley presents her work in a wide variety of formats, including video and keeps the viewer looking for the story. Often several different stories […]