Challenges While Stitching Outside

I quickly became aware of the challenges of stitching outside while the bed sheets were wrapped around the trees.
I live in a “rain” forest area so the sheets were often wet. Thread doesn’t slide very well through wet cloth.
So no stitching when the cloth is wet.

The daily temperatures dropped. I wore more layers to keep my core warm but found my cold fingers couldn’t move the needle well enough below 8 degrees after half an hour of stitching. 

While working on the sheet I disturbed the wildlife. I liked it when spiders ran over my fingers – I felt connected. But I was not keen on connecting with wasps hibernating in this new condo they had found. They hung on by their mouths and made low slow buzzing noises when I moved the sheet. I was pleased when they decided to relocate. 

Another challenge was, apart from stitching along the bottom hem, how was I going to stitch on the sheet while it was wrapped around the tree?
Having found out I could stitch only when the cloth was dry and it was above 8 degrees, I realised I wouldn’t be able to stitch outside many days between October and spring. I needed to put more thought into realising my concept.
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