Clean-up Time in the Studio

After completing the Pattern Design course, my studio was a chaotic mess. I knew I couldn’t begin on my next project until I had put everything away so I had some clear horizontal surfaces to work on.
The 1st thing I did was to pick up everything off the floor and put it on my central work tables. Then I added everything else that was out of place.
What a pile of stuff!

I worked away through the layers putting things back in their place so I could find them again when I next needed them.

Everything that needed more of my attention got piled into the ‘Action’ basket, which has morphed into a slippery, tottering double pile.
I’ll attack it bit by bit whenever I have a few spare moments.
Or perhaps I need to deal with 5 items each day – that sounds like too many. How long would it take to eliminate the pile if I dealt with 2 items each day? That would be better than leaving it to compost and grow down onto the floor.

This is another pile waiting for my attention – fabrics and threads needing to be put away in the right containers.
As long as the pile stays like this I feel as though I don’t have complete access to all of my textile resources. I might as well not have them. What if the perfect thread  I need for my next project is hidden deep within the pile? But it would take most of a day to put it all away. That day needs to go towards meeting one of my looming deadlines.
Now I have 2 and a half clear surfaces to work at.
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  1. Lesley Turner

    I don't mind at all the accumulating layers of materials while i am working but i do seem to need to have it all put away again before i can begin the next project. It was such a pleasure to share with you all in the Pattern class.


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