Colour: A Personal Response Workshop, ‘Mindful Colours’ by Sarah McLaren and Lesley Turner

Ready to teach our workshop on colour.
‘Mindful Colours’ by Sarah Mclaren and Lesley Turner 
But before that, there were many hours of planning and preparing of workshop supplies.
We dug deep into our fabric stashes to find as many different variations of colour as we had. We asked friends to donate fabric scraps to broaden the range. Many thanks for donations from Bryony, Lori, Laura, Louise and Lesley. Your contributions filled in some gaps we had.
We cut hundreds of squares for each of the 24 colours according to Joen Wolfrom‘s colour system.
Sarah and I had a number of coffee shop meetings to plan the workshop exercises and logistics. We also met up several times to collated and organise the workshop materials. 

Several people had asked if we taught workshops related to our ‘Colour: A Personal Response’ exhibition. We got the message that people really were interested in learning more about colour. 
After planning the workshop we decided we needed to trial it to get feedback and then make improvements. We approached Isabel Jones and Alison Kershaw with their connections with Friday Fibre Friends, Sew ‘n’ Sews and Deep Cove Weavers and Spinners groups. Between the 3 groups, they signed up 24 participants – the exact number we needed to pull the workshop off.
Thank you, Isabel and Alison, for taking on this part of running a workshop and allowing Sarah and I to focus on the teaching.
Here are Sarah and Brigitta setting up the tables and covering them with white cloths.

We set up tables to work at and we also had 2 tables of activities for people when they first arrived and during the break.
These are my small colour books where I ask people to write how they feel about that specific colour.

The other table had a few of Sarah and my favourite colour reference books to look through.
With everything set up to our satisfaction, we were ready to trial our new workshop.

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