Colour Work Bee

Today there was a Colour Work Bee in the Victoria College of Art.
Textile students and faculty spent many hours sorting fabrics into colour groups.

Within the 1st hour the piles of colourful fabric began to accumulate in assigned spots by using Joen Wolfrom’s ‘3-in-1 Colour Tool’ as a guide.

We stopped only to have a delicious pot luck lunch then went back to work.

President Peter Such and Vice- President Nancy Ruffolo stopped by to help take sample books apart…

…some of which took a lot of strength.
Fabrics were donated by Chintz & Co., Zebra Design and a number of generous individuals.

After fabrics were sorted by hue they were put in labelled boxes….

…and stacked, ready for use by the students when they are making samples my hand and machine. This library of fabrics has become a valuable learning tool now they are organised and more easily accessible.
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