Cord Making Project

Day 3 of this quick, in-between-projects, project.

There was lots of satisfying evidence of progress…

…including I don’t know how many metres of continuous basic cord.
I can cut out sections to make thicker cords, build up braids and construct ribbons that can be couched, manipulated into 3D embellishments and used in tassels.

Then disaster struck. My new Bernina stopped working. I took it in to the ‘hopspital’ twice.
It turned out all it needed was a computer update.
Phew, crisis averted but I did feel for a few days there that my right arm had been cut off.
Now it is time to get into the next project.
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0 thoughts on “Cord Making Project

  1. Judy Martin

    Lovely to see all the work you've been doing out there in B.C.

    I love the idea of making cords from old thread ends – wouldn't have thought of it.

    Happy new year, Lesley!

  2. Laura

    Happy New year, Lesley. Great to see all those cords. What a lovely selection of colours. Seems like those new computerized sewing machines needs alot of TLC! Glad you have it back with you. It does feel like a friend is gone, when the sewing machine is in the shop.


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