Corrugated Steel / Iron Art and Architecture

I made a quick trip to New Zealand to be in on my father’s 87th birthday celebrations, Mother’s’ Day, another family birthday and to catch up with family.
Painted corrugated steel
I was treated to a Kaipara Coast Sculpture Gardens and Nursery visit. After wandering the inspiring nursery, we had morning tea in the outdoor cafe before heading into the Sculpture Gardens. Fifty-one different sculptures made by individuals and groups have been placed throughout the magnificent gardens created by David and Geraldine Bayly.
I think it is because I have been focused on the construction of my studio for so many months, the corrugated steel sculptures jumped out at me.

‘Dis-ability’ by artists from Mt Tabor Trust, Thomas Hogan, Kevin Widowson, Sandy Sturgess, Ian Sangster & Rachel Clark, plywood, corrugated iron, acrylic paint.

‘Goat Family’ by Ian Fewtrell, recycled corrugated iron.
Corrugated steel is a distinctively New Zealand art medium as well as a utilitarian building material for houses, farm buildings and retail shops. Ron and I were inspired by our childhood memories of the use of this building material when we came up with the concept for my studio.
New Zealand farm shed/hut
There are also historical corrugated steel buildings on the Saanich Peninsula where we live and we are noticing many new constructions using the material in a contemporary way.
A new sail loft in Sidney designed by Checkwitch Poiron Architects.
It is a building material well suited to a wet climate.

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