‘Current Threads 2015: Garden Tapestry’ Has Been Installed

Current Threads 2015: Garden Tapestry has been installed at South Shore Gallery, Sooke.
Here is the view as you walk into the Back Gallery.

The back wall
The lights haven’t been adjusted yet but it was time to leave after spending all day installing the work.

The artists worked with the size restriction of 12″ wide x 60″ or 72″ long.
The idea was to give a picket fence feel to the installation.
It appears to be currently a popular format to work in.

The artists also worked with a garden theme which they interpreted freely and widely.

There’s my triptych on the left. 
Forest Flowers is about fungal flowering and fruiting bodies found in the forest.

It will be fun to meet up with lots of the artists at the opening reception, tomorrow, Saturday, March 5th, 1 – 3 pm,

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