Dialogue with a Maple Tree

Several months ago, just as the autumn leaves began to fall, i placed a table cloth under a maple tree.
I watched as it became covered with fallen leaves and disappeared.

Yesterday i decided it was time to find it and take it inside.

As I brushed the leaves away i found lots of black and pink! staining.

This horned animal skull shaped motif on the corners of this tablecloth is one i have been researching for my dissertation. The shape is known as a bucranium.
I will now gently wash the cloth. I’ll show you the results when it is dry and ironed.

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  1. Yvonne

    Wow – this is synchronous for me, as that bucranium image has been coming up in my work and elsewhere – startling to see it emerge on your cloth from under the leaves. Your cloth has beautiful colours and markings!


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