It must have been cold last night because this morning there are a lot more fallen leaves under the maple.
The tea cloth I put under it is quite covered.
I hope lots of interesting staining is going on under those leaves.
I have to watch it closely now to catch it before the cotton threads start disintegrating like they did in a previous sample.

This was an unexpected surprise. Even though it is October here in Victoria and I knew the lawn was still growing, I didn’t expect grasses to grow up under the cloth.
They have found their way through the eyelets in the tea cloth. It looks like threading.
I could do something with this.

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  1. Yvonne

    I love the photo of the grasses continuing to grow so determinedly ! A wonderful teacher I once had told a story about having paved his driveway and how, within a short while, little green fronds were reaching out of the cracks.


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