Dyeing the Tree Cloths

I like the distinctive individual stained patterns on each of the Tree Cloths but I don’t like the overall greyness. They don’t look attractive.
Perhaps dyeing will help.
I torn off a sample from each Tree Cloth and scrumpled it in a tray, a la Claire Benn-Leslie Morgan dyeing technique.

Using Procion MX, I put in a layer of green brights.

2nd layer was green neutrals. Looking more interesting but not yet full of life.

I have also added to the dye batch 2 table cloths and some napkins to be able to compare results on a white base.
This is 1 of the table cloths with 2 layers.
I think they all now need an over dye. But what colour would tie all of that texture together?

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0 thoughts on “Dyeing the Tree Cloths

  1. Judy Martin


    It's so hard isn't it?
    I love working with plants and the colour and the stains – but I crave colour (as it seems you do) and turn to procion.

    Good luck with personal specialism.


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