‘Earth Repair’ Makes it into the World of Threads Festival 2016

Lesley Turner, ‘Earth Repair’ 36″ x 35″/92 x 89 cm, 2011 – ongoing, embroidered (anonymous) vintage cotton afternoon tea cloth, leaf skeletons, cotton & polyester thread, jute string, wooden branch, MinWax; tree staining, washing, ironing, hand & machine applique, waxing.
This work has been accepted into the World of Threads Festival 2016 in the ‘Late in the Season’ exhibit in the display area of the Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre in Oakville, Ontario, from Saturday, October 29 to Sunday, November 27th, 2016.
I spent most of the day following the instructions in several emails explaining exactly how to get the work ready for hanging and how to box it up.
I made a box so the work will fit snugly and not move around much while in transit. I made the box with a reuseable cap so it can be reused to return the work. 
The work can not be folded or even rolled because of the many layers of delicate, dried, leaf skeletons stitched to the cloth. 
Inside the box, I made a suspension system to hang the work from the top. 
I sewed together pieces of bubble wrap to make a snug bag to pad the work while it is in the box.
Then there was all of the documentation required. Make a label with details of name and title and secure it to the back of the work. Type up hanging instructions with images. Put my name and email on every piece of packaging and both parts of the box. Include a spare set of hanging devices – just in case. Phew!
Now to wait until the right day to mail the box so it arrives between the 2 dates set for the arrival of work in Oakville. 
Dawne Rudman and Gareth Bate are the organisers, curators, festival originators and all of the other jobs it takes to mount such a large exhibition of work from around the world – 134 artists from 24 different countries. You can see why I am very pleased to have work selected again for this festival.
Dawn and Gareth curate the exhibitions with a system I think is unique to their festival. They put out an international call for artists’ most recent work and wait to see what comes in. They look at images of the work while identifying some common themes. Work is selected that fits the chosen themes. That’s how I think they work.
Next post I’ll tell you why this unassuming work has taken 5 years to make – so far.

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