Eco-Printing aka India Flint & More Sampling

I went back to sampling more eco-printing using India Flint’s methods.

There was dyeing rather than leaf printing…

…but they weren’t my marks.

Did I need to leave a body print, visible evidence I have touched the cloths and left my DNA, just as the trees have done?
Image of Colin Jenkins’ stitched body print ‘Purge’ – (Source: Embroiderers’ Guild (2006)  Art of the Stitch  Scholar, Surrey: EG Enterprises, p. 14).

Or maybe stitch into the cloth with my own dentritus, my hair?
Image of Tabitha Kyoko Moses’ self portrait, stitched with human hair – (Source: Embroiderers’ Guild (2006) Art of the Stitch Scholar, Surrey: EG Enterprises, p. 36).
I sampled but didn’t feel the efforts added to my understanding of the trees I wanted to get to know.
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