Exploring Colour by Julia Caprara

Yahoo! My copy of Julia’s new book has arrived and it is as inspirational as everyone says it is. It is really a workbook to keep you learning about colour for years to come. I have already got the sketchbook to begin the first Colour School project. I am going to do a study of my favourite colour – a warm blue.
The saddest part of the book is the last sentence Julia wrote,
‘I hope that you will have found these chapters useful in mapping your own route for your personal colour journey and will join me again in the future to explore the next stage along the Path of Colour.’
I guess we will all have to continue on our paths on our own. But if we take this book along I am sure it will continue to be an inspiration.

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  1. Anonymous

    Well maybe you won’t have to continue alone Lesley. At Julia’s beautiful funeral, Alex said that Julia had left sufficient notes and pictures for two more books and he is going to try to finish them for her. I have loved your posts which have been dedicated to Julia’s work. Enjoy your colour work
    Best wishes

  2. Judy Martin

    Lesley, I am so glad to see that you too have been sidetracked from all the reading we need to do for Opus by the book, Exploring Colour by Julia Caprara.
    Me too. She packs a lot into just a few pages. This blog has done justice to Julia Caprara. Thank you very much.

  3. Alex Caprara

    Thank you Lesley for your comments about Julia's book – it is good to know that it is such an inspiration to everyone. She worked so hard to get it published while she was strong enough. We were all so pleased that she was able to see the finished product shortly before she died. I will look at the material she left to see about writing the other books but at present I have a lot of readjustment to do. There will be a retrospective of Julia's work at the Knitting & Stitching Show in 2010. Best wishes for the rest of your course. Alex


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