First Exhibition Space

This is the view on the right as one enters the 1st of 3 exhibition spaces.
‘Reading The Past II’ – mine
‘Hoodoos’ – Ingrid Lincoln
‘A Hole of My Own’ – Vickie Newington
‘A Walk in the Park’ – Leann Clifford

‘Fallen Leaves’ – Donna
‘Sucession’ – mine

‘Sleeping Giants’ – mine
‘Outwash’ – mine

This is a poor image and you can’t see the works but it gives you an idea of how we worked with the space to find the best place for each work.
The 2 square works are Donna’s and the round one is Miriam Birkenthal’s.
This collection of 3 illustrates the wide range of materials and techniques Articulation members use to express their ideas and to tell their stories.

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