French Bucol Fabrics

A friend gave me 2 lengths of lame-type fabric. One had this label. A search of the name revealed Bucol has been a famous silk house in Lyon since 1920.
I needed to test the fabrics to find out if they were silk, or not. Out came the burn chart.
The silver one burned briefly then self extinguished. It melted giving off an odor of sweet chemicals and formed a hard black round bead.
It is polyester.
The gold one burned and melted. It was not self extinguishing. A hard black irregular bead formed. 
It is an Orlon or Acrilan acrylic.
I am a little disappointed they are not some vintage French silk from the 1920s but their melting properties will be something to take advantage of when working with them. And they are very pretty and shiny.

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