Gathering at the Edge – A Surface Design Association BC + Yukon Event, April 1 – 3, 2016

Gathering at the Edge committee members woman the registration desk in the Holiday Inn Express & Suites lobby.
Barbara McCaffery, Lesley Turner, Laura Feeleus. Susan Purney-Mark signs in.

Gatherers: Katie Stein Sather and Jennifer Love
‘Gathering at the Edge’ is a three-day event in conjunction with the national touring exhibition, ‘Edge of the Forest,’ where SDA BC + Yukon members will come together to create connection and build community.’ Quote from the program.
Lori Mudrie, Elserine Sprenger, and Hugo Sprenger register in the hotel.
Many of the Gatherers stay in the hotel over the event.
Sheila Wex, the BC + Yukon representative for SDA, welcomes people to the Gathering during the celebration dinner held in the Coastal Offices Conference Room, next to the hotel.

It is a time to put faces to familiar names, to make new friendships and to renew old ones.

A common passion for fibre links and bonds everyone in the room and there is a spirit of celebration.
Special thanks to Judi McLeod for taking these photographs and continuing to document the whole event.

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